Bosnia & Herzegovina


The capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, is known for its rich history, multicultural heritage, and stunning architecture.


Mostar is famous for its iconic Stari Most (Old Bridge). Marvel at the bridge's elegant design and watch daredevils leap from its heights into the Neretva River below. Explore the charming Old Town, with its cobblestone streets, Ottoman-era architecture, and bustling bazaar.


Blagaj is home to the stunning Blagaj Tekija, a 16th-century Dervish monastery built into the cliffs beside the Buna River. Explore the monastery complex, enjoy a traditional Bosnian meal at a riverside restaurant, and take a boat ride on the emerald-green waters of the Buna Spring.

Kravice Waterfalls

Escape the heat and enjoy the natural beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Kravice Waterfalls. Located near the town of Ljubuški, these cascading waterfalls form a series of stunning pools ideal for swimming and picnicking.

Una National Park

Immerse yourself in the pristine nature of Una National Park, located in the northwest of the country. Enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, and kayaking, and marvel at the beauty of the Una River and its waterfalls.


Discover the picturesque village of Počitelj, perched on a hillside overlooking the Neretva River. Explore the well-preserved medieval architecture and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.