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Al Safer Travel & Tours specialized in Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events.

One of our standout services is designing personalized incentive travel programs. We understand the significance of motivation and reward in the corporate world. Our team collaborates closely with businesses to create bespoke travel experiences that serve as powerful incentives for employees or clients. By meticulously crafting these programs, we aim to not only deliver unforgettable journeys but also to help our clients achieve their organizational goals.

Our travel agency specializes in offering exclusive high-end services tailored for small groups, including families, honeymooners, and VIPs. Privacy is our top priority, ensuring secluded experiences throughout the trip. We create personalized itineraries that reflect individual preferences, partnering with luxury accommodations and providing dedicated experts for seamless execution. 


Tanpa was-was

We understand that finding halal food is a big concern for Muslim travelers, so we specialize in solving this issue. Our tour guides are all Muslims, which is helpful because they understand the importance of halal food for our clients. This is especially important for corporate travelers, some of whom are also Muslim, as we make sure to arrange suitable food options for them.

Additionally, we can also ensure to arrange for daily prayer times during the trip. Our focus is on making sure that all our Muslim travelers can enjoy their trips without worrying about their dietary needs and prayer requirements.