I. The operator cannot be held or liable for any wrong incomplete disclosure of names and passport numbers in the bookings.
2. Passengers shall be responsible for any consequences of arriving late at the pick-up point.
3. The operator reserves the right to change or cancel any portion of the itinerary or change of departure time without the risk of liability due to safety
reasons or unforeseen circumstances.
4. The operator reserves the right to determine the type of transportation to be used.
5. The weather, sea conditions and water visibility is beyond the operator control.
6. The operator has no liability for any damage or lost of personal belongings. Customers are urged to take extra care of operators’ facilities. Any cost
occurred due to damage or lost of operators i facilities, must be borne by the customer.
7. The operator shall be exempted from all liabiities caused directly by events beyond the operator control which included. but not limited to
pre-existing illness, third party negligence, war, civil disturbances, several weather, failure of machinery, acts of government and Mother Nature.
8. All bookings are on first-come-first-serve basis with no guarantee of seats before your bookings accepted by us.
9. Other charges occurred shall be borne by guests/ passengers leg. Peak season Surcharge, Airport Tax, Government Tax etc. if available)
IO, Punctuality is important, as the operator will not be responsible for any lateness. Cancellation of trip must be made not less than 12-hours before trip
departure or if you miss the hotel pick-up or NO SHOW (within 15 minutes).
11. A confirmed booking is only vaid for travel on departure date specified. Additional Fee RM60 per person will be charged for postponement of trip
and is valid for 03 days. No change in name. date, time or packages are allowed.
12. The operator will not be responsible for customers who caught of carrying any items which are restricted by local authority.
13. All payment made are not refundable.